Lesson Plans – August 20th to 24th

Monday: Students will sign-in to Google Classroom, and students will set up their interactive notebooks.

Google Code for class: 5th Period – tkvmra2

7th Period – c6ypan


Tuesday: Discussing the details of the Agriscience Project, which will be due at the end of the spring semester. Students will be researching topics to conduct their experiment over.


Wednesday: Students will set up their AET Record Books online. Students will need to access the following website to access their record books. A link will be on the blog and on Google Classroom.



Thursday: Assign the FFA Creed to students. What is Agriculture? Powerpoint/notes & videos.

Friday: What is Agriculture? Powerpoint/notes & videos. One item assignment will be assigned and will be due on Monday.

Lessons for 2/5 to 2/9

Monday (2/5):

  • Class review of Chapter 9.4.

Tuesday (2/6):

  • Test over Chapter 9.4, students will be allowed to use their notes and Google Classroom resources on the test.

Wednesday (2/7) to Friday (2/9):

  • Wednesday only: Benchmark Test (English 1 & 2) from 7:55 to 11:45.
  • Students will be completing notes over Chapter 10.1: Beef Cattle.

Lesson Plans for 1/29 – 2/2

Monday (1/29):

  • Students will complete the Chapter 9.4 A Notes.

Tuesday (1/30) to Wednesday (1/31):

  • Students will be participating in a Animal Feed Activity and finishing the Chapter 9.4 B Notes.

Thursday (2/1) to Friday (2/2):

  • Students will be completing the Chapter 9.4 worksheet.
  • The textbook chapters will be posted on Google Classroom.

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